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How ActiveCampaign Uses REST Hooks

Interview with Matt Thommes   -   Aug 26 2013

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We got to the point where polling would sometimes disrupt service.

About ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a portable, easy Email Marketing platform targeted at small and medium size businesses. Create email marketing and HTML newsletter campaigns in minutes. Powerful email marketing software features with free premium templates.

Case Study

ActiveCampaign has been committed to developers from the very beginning. They built their REST API 3-5 years ago to begin fostering a developer community and since then they've grown their platform to the point where load from API polling would sometimes disrupt service.

About a year ago, ActiveCampaign implemented REST Hooks. Their server load has been reduced and they get fewer support tickets regarding polling.

Let's take a look at how exactly ActiveCampaign uses REST Hooks.

REST hook feature Implemented?
Subscription based
Intent verification
Identity verification
Skinny payloads
Order of delivery

REST Hooks

ActiveCampaign's REST API supports several methods for interacting with webhooks. They offer an endpoint to create, list, delete, and review specific hooks. Hooks can be triggered by several things including:

  1. Changes to a contact (subscribe, bounce, etc.)
  2. Changes by an admin user (adding a contact manually)
  3. Events by the system (automated emails, etc.)
  4. Events through the API (adding a contact via the API)

Fat Payloads

ActiveCampaign sends all their hooks over the wire with full API responses, meaning you do not need to perform another API call in order to get usable data.


While ActiveCampaign's API does not retry failed hooks, they will store a delivered status which you can request specifically by hitting their hook list endpoint. This could be used to periodically verify you've received all hooks or to access old hooks.

Inline Unsubscribe

If your hook endpoint returns a 410 response, then ActiveCampaign will automatically delete and clean-up the hook for you.

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